Free bus pass plan will cost tax payers of Milton Keynes, claim Tories

Tory leader Alex Walker
Tory leader Alex Walker

Labour's claim to offer under 30s free use of public transport will ultimately cost the tax payer, according to the Conservative group in Milton Keynes.

Tory leader Councillor Alex Walker believes Labour's bid to make Milton Keynes the world's greenest city by 2030 will be funded by an increase in council taxes.

On Monday, council leader Pete Marland said he hoped to introduce a mass transit system to reduce car usage in the city, while offering those under 30 a free bus pass, a claim Mr Walker believes will cost the tax payer.

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Mr Walker said: "Labour's spin will not fool anyone. Free bus passes for under 30s are not 'free' they will be paid for by hardworking tax payers which will mean yet more rises in our Council Tax.

"Conservatives are fully behind ensuring our environment is clean and green for future generations. We are also determined to see MK become a world leader in green technology. Sadly, Labour voted against our idea of investing in attracting green businesses and jobs. As ever, they are all talk and no action."