Mum hit by car as she walked on pavement outside school in Milton Keynes

A mum who was hit by a car as she was walking on the pavement to take her child to school has prompted an urgent call for school run traffic safety.

Wednesday, 9th October 2019, 5:05 pm
Loughton School in Milton Keynes
Loughton School in Milton Keynes

The mum was hit on the arm near Loughton School, which sits on two busy roads.

“She’s okay but was very shocked and worried,” said councillor Zoe Nolan, who is now fighting to improve safety outside schools all over Milton Keynes.

She said: “I was concerned to hear about this accident outside Loughton School. I know that other schools are also in a similar position. That is why I have taken action to make it safer outside schools in MK.”

Cllr Zoe Nolan

Cllr Nolan, who is Cabinet member for children and families, is firstly encouraging schools to engage with the Stars programme - an online platform for schools to develop a sustainable, active and safe travel plan.

Schools can win bronze, silver and gold awards as improve their transport plan with cycling and walking schemes, parking away from the school gate or sharing lifts.

In the budget this year Labour put in extra money to promote the Stars scheme to make sure that children are safe outside school and that there are good travel plans in place, said Cllr Nolan.

Knowles Primary School, Chestnuts Primary, Longmeadow and Olney Middle School, Milton Keynes Academy, Hazeley Academy and SEN school Slated Row have all agreed to work with MK Council this year to introduce the Stars scheme.

Cllr Nolan has also vowed to ensure the parking enforcement department at MK Council takes action against those parking on double yellow lines near schools.

She has worked with community police, who are monitoring dangerous parking and driving.

Previously councillors have acted to successfully across Milton Keynes to stop ice cream and fast food vans parking right outside the school gates at lunch-time and going home time.

Cllr Nolan has also contacted firefighters at Great Holm who have also offered to work with Loughton School, and they made several visits during congested periods to check that they could still get through to the school and to the neighbouring houses.

She has asked taxi licensing in Aylesbury to check on taxi drivers whom residents thought were parking dangerously outside schools.

She said: “Safety outside Loughton School and other schools across Milton Keynes is an important issue and I am pleased to help improve safety for everyone.”