Traffic police find a lorry load of offences

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Heavy good vehicles checked by police at junction 14 last week raised some worrying figures about their safety standards.

A total of 27 goods vehicles and vans were stopped by officers from Milton Keynes Roads Policing Department on Wednesday, resulting in 28 offences detected, including drivers who did not have insurance, tax or an MoT cerfiticate.

The full rundown of incidents:

One vehicle was seized as the driver had no insurance. A fixed penalty notice (FPN) of £200 was issued plus six penalty points and the driver must pay £150 recovery costs to retrieve the vehicle.

One driver had no insurance and was issued with a FPN of £200 plus six penalty points.

15 vehicles were found to be overweight and immediately prohibited from driving until their loads were within the legal limit. The most serious was found to be 85% over its permitted gross vehicle weight. Two drivers were reported for their vehicles being grossly overweight and referred to magistrates courts. 13 vehicles were issued with FPNs, of these, seven received a FPN of £60, three received a FPN of £120 and three received a FPN of £200.

Three vehicles were found to be committing tachograph offences and received non-endorsable FPNs of £200 each.

One driver was not wearing a seatbelt and was issued with a £60 non-endorsable FPN with the option to participate in an online driver education scheme costing £25 in place of the fine.

One driver had no MOT certificate and was issued with a £60 non-endorsable FPN.

Two drivers were stopped for driving without valid road tax and were issued with £60 non-endorsable FPNs.

Two drivers were stopped for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition, Both were issued with a £60 FPN plus three penalty points.

One driver was stopped for using a vehicle with dangerous parts/accessories fitted. The driver was issued with a £60 FPN plus three penalty points.

PC Russell Irwin, from Milton Keynes Roads Policing, said: “I would like to highlight the huge risks drivers take when using vehicles that do not conform to the designated vehicle weights. Not only does driving an overweight vehicle effect the handling and braking capability of a vehicle, it significantly increases the risk of the driver being involved in any type of traffic collision and also puts other road users at risk.

“Drivers are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure the vehicle they are using is road worthy before commencing any journey. This check was conducted to ensure that we keep our region’s roads as safe as possible.”