Tragedy of baby Bella inspires Sands skydive

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The tragic loss of their baby daughter has made Emma Alben and her fiancé, Lee Warren, determined to raise money for the charity which helped them through their heartache.

The couple will be raising money for the ‘Stillbirth and neonatal death charity’ (Sands) via a charity skydive from 13,000ft.

Just nine weeks from the due date of their first child, they received devastating news that baby Bella Rose had a rare condition known as Agenesis of the Corpus Collosum.

This would have left their daughter 80 per cent severely handicapped, but they had to face yet more horrifying news as Bella Rose was born sleeping on July 14, 2012.

Lee said: “To this day, it is still impossible to describe that heart wrenching feeling of being surrounded by specialists yet so incredibly helpless.

“We had various tests in a desperate bid for a different outcome and prayed between our tears that a miracle might happen for our baby but it didn’t. In fact, our baby’s condition had deteriorated over those few weeks.”

Just when the couple were in need of help more than ever, Sands gave them vital support.

Emma said: “It was extremely difficult losing our baby daughter, but made more bearable with thanks to the support from Sands. When we arrived on Labour ward we were shown to the ‘Butterfly Suite’. This is a delivery room prepared by Sands for parents expecting a stillborn.

“It is designed to make the heartbreaking, unimaginable experience, more comfortable for both parents.

“The next day when we met with the bereavement midwife who works closely with Sands, we were given a memory box with little keepsakes for our baby. Also, they took Bella’s foot molds, and framed them. I didn’t expect this at all but such incredibly thoughtful gifts to remember our baby by, touched us truly.”

Now Lee and his friends Michael Cook, Debbie McLuskey, Tony Hill and Reg Chott will be skydiving 13,000ft to raise money for the cause.

You can support them by donating to their JustGiving page: