Tragic death of young man with autism and an IQ higher than Einstein under investigation in Milton Keynes

An inquest has opened today to investigate the tragic death of a young and gifted man with autism who escaped from the Campbell Centre and was hit by a train.

Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 12:59 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 7:33 pm
Billie Lord

Billie Lord, 26, had an IQ of 171 and had been a member of Mensa since the age of 11.

In June last year his family became concerned about his mental state as he was experiencing delusions.

The following month he was admitted to the Campbell Centre mental health unit as a voluntary patient .

Billie Lord

But on the evening of his admission Billie attempted to abscond from the unit through a window. He was stopped by staff, but several hours later he tried again and this time was successful.

Billie made his way to nearby railway tracks where he was hit by a train.

Though is death as self-inflicted, a three day inquest opened on Tuesday to investigate whether there were failings in the system

Billie’s family are using lawyers through the charity Inquest to probe the adequacy of treatment.

His mother Fay Lord said: “We entrusted Billie’s care and safety to the staff at the Campbell Centre when we felt unable to keep him safe at home. We are concerned that staff did not make reasonable adjustments to take account of Billie’s autism and explore with him the reasons behind his first attempt to abscond. Nor were we informed that he had attempted to leave.

“ We are extremely alarmed that Billie was able to escape from what we thought was a secure unit”.

Inquest is a charity set up to seek ‘truth, justice and accountability’.

Billie’s inquest is expected to last for three days.