Trailer tent is home for a family of four

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A single mum who is living in a TENT with her three young children has been refused a roof over her head by Milton Keynes Council.

During the past four weeks of rain and gales, Rachel Lintott has been crammed inside the two-man trailer tent on the Lakes Estates with her sons aged three and four and her seven-year-old daughter.

Yet her pleas for the council for a proper home have fallen upon deaf ears – because she has been ruled ‘intentionally homeless.’

Said Rachel: “I phone the council all the time and I’ve told them how difficult it is living in a tent. But they say I don’t qualify for a house.”

The problem stems from the fact that Rachel was forced by a private landlord to leave her previous home after a delay in her benefits meant she owed two months’ rent.

“I’d lived there for four years and never got into arrears before. But there was nothing I could do,” she said.

The council has instructed Rachel to find another private rented house and offered to loan her the first month’s rent and up to £750 deposit.

“I’ve looked everywhere but there is nowhere that will take a family on benefits without a deposit of up to £2,000,” she said.

Rachel’s parents live in a three-bedroomed house in Santen Grove with her three adult brothers.

With the house bursting at the seams, they organised the trailer tent in their front garden as a temporary home.

Said Rachel: “We use the bathroom and kitchen during the day. But my mum is disabled and the strain of so many people in a small house is too much. .. All we want is a house of our own – anywhere.”