Trainee witch plays devil’s advocate

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A trainee witch has launched a pre-Halloween campaign to save the devil – of the Tasmanian variety.

Agata Pietrek is bewitched with the fluffy creatures , who are an endangered species on an Australian island.

The pagan mum-of-two is busy creating spells to save them – but is also appealing for cash from the public.

She is also busy selling hand-made spell dolls, which she advertises on her Facebook page called Witchyhook.

“I’m two years into my witch’s training. I don’t call myself a white witch because I would do bad spells if I really needed to. But mostly I do good things,” said the Polish-born 34-year-old.

“I like to crochet so I make little witch dolls and stuff them with herbs for spells. People love them,” she said.

But even Agata’s most potent secret herb recipe can’t save the mini marsupial Tasmanian Devils.

A sanctuary in Australia, aptly named Devils@Cradle, is trying to keep the species alive through breeding, research and monitoring.

Agata, who lives on Downs Barn, has set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise £200 – enough to support eight Tasmanian Devils for a year at the sanctuary.

Under the tag of Devil’s advocate she has set up a Just Giving page that will last for 30 days - meaning her deadline is Halloween.

“I’m hoping the Milton Keynes community will come together to help these cure creatures living on the other side of the world. It would be fantastic to help as many Tasmanian Devils as possible,” she said.

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