Transport plans are branded ‘dishonest’

Councillor John Bint
Councillor John Bint

COUNCILLOR John Bint has torn into Lib Dem transport plans, branding them ‘dishonest’ and unmitigated bad news.

And he is urging people to have their say on the future of transport across the city before the February 4 deadline but stresses they read all the consultation material before airing their views.

He said: “If you look at the overall summary documents put forward for the transport plans you will see they herald our grid roads as some of the best in the country.

“But if you search deeper and look at the list of interventions you see that this is not the case. In the summary they haven’t said that any of the ideas are bad or raised any important priorities. Instead they have listed all of their ideas without a strategy.”

A review of the speed limits is mentioned in two separate intervention lists as well as improving bus priority where feasible to improve bus journey times and reliability.

Mr Bint added: “Any changes to the grid road system will be bad for Milton Keynes and bad for our aspirations to be a leading, highly respected city.

“If you have a mega event at The Bowl, one of the areas of the grid road is closed or if you take a wrong turn you can always get on another leg of the grid and continue your journey with the minimum of fuss.”

However, the council has said that so far it had received a positive response from residents on its draft MK Transport Vision and Strategy.

The aim of the strategy is looking to transform the way that people travel to, from and around the area as well as providing a ‘real and attractive’ transport choice while promoting sustainable travel.

Cabinet member responsible for Transport, Councillor Vanessa McPake, said: “MK’s Transport Vision and Strategy will affect all residents across the borough in the new city, older towns and rural areas. So it is important that everyone in Milton Keynes has their say on how transport should be improved in the future.

“I am delighted with the very positive response we have had so far and would like to thank residents who have already given their views. However, with only a few weeks of consultation left I would like to encourage more residents to get involved and have their say.”

The Transport Vision and Strategy will help form the next Local Transport Plan which will be submitted to the Government in April this year.

To view the draft strategy people can visit their local library or council office. It will contain a feedback form which can be posted to Transport Policy, Milton Keynes Council, Freepost ANG7058, 1 Saxon Gate East, MK9 3EJ. You can also visit the council’s website at

People can also submit their views via the Facebook group MK Transport or receive the latest updates through Twitter @MKTransport. Or email them to