All roads lead to Milton Keynes?

'Welcome to Milton Keynes' sign outside Turvey
'Welcome to Milton Keynes' sign outside Turvey

Signs more than 15 miles outside of town welcoming people to Milton Keynes are not a waste of money, insists Milton Keynes’ transport boss.

Sixteen new signs, bearing the message ‘Welcome to milton keynes (sic)’, meet people at the boundary of the borough.

Vandalised sign outside Turvey

Vandalised sign outside Turvey

The signs come at a cost too – around £1,000 each.

One sign, on the A428, near the Bedfordshire village of Turvey, is about 16 miles from the centre of Milton Keynes.

Councillor John Bint, cabinet member for transport on Milton Keynes Council, defended the outlay though.

He said: “Milton Keynes now has signs that used to be there – before they deteriorated and had to be taken down.

“It is traditional that most counties have signs as people enter them and entirely appropriate that Milton Keynes still has its own signs, particularly when many people do not realise it is a county and a borough.

“The signs are expected to last a long time – the cost equates to 15p per day if they last the expected decade and a half plus.

“It is not an inappropriate use of money.”

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