Bus company does u-turn on buses to GP surgery

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A bus company has had a change of heart after axing a bus service that linked residents to their local GP surgery.

Arriva buses had altered the No. 1 bus service so that it no longer served Beanhill, where Ashfields GP surgery is based, This meant that many residents in Eaglestone and Coffee Hall could no longer see their doctor without travelling by taxi.

But after being contacted by Councillor Steve Coventry Arriva are set to return Beanhill to the No, 1 route.

Mr Coventry said: “I had a very large number of complaints from local residents who have told me that the change in the route has caused them a lot of hardship. Some residents delivered a petition to me, so the strength of feeling about this change has been extremely strong.”

Councillor Coventry wrote to Arriva explaining the proposed change.

He has now been told by the bus company that after looking at the timings of this route they are pleased to say that they have now reconsidered their position and will now put the No. 1 bus service back to serving Beanhill.

Councillor Steve Coventry concluded, “I am extremely pleased that Arriva have agreed to do this, I do not as yet have a date for this change to become operational, but it is extremely good news for the local residents many of whom are reliant on bus services to access services across the City.

“It is a real commonsense victory, and shows that when residents work with their Local Councillors change can be made to happen. I am now in contact with the bus company to see how quickly we can get this change implemented.”