Commuter’s drives are getting slower - but they are still the fastest in the region


Morning commuter traffic is getting slower in Milton Keynes, according to the latest government figures.

The average speed on local A roads is just 32.3 miles per hour. And that speed has been getting slower every month since the beginning of 2012.

Roads where drivers were travelling at 34.9 miles per hour two-and-a-half years ago now have an average speed of 32.3 miles per hour.

Despite the drop, Milton Keynes’ major roads are still faster than elsewhere in the South East. In Slough traffic on A roads goes at an average 15.1 miles per hour, and in Southampton 16.1 miles per hour.

A spokesman for Milton Keynes Council said: “The figures show that whilst Milton Keynes has shown a moderate decrease in speed this is less than other areas.

“The reason for the decrease, which is consistent across the country, is down to increasing traffic as the UK recovers from the recession.

“With our extensive grid network, traffic in the city can move with relatively low levels of congestion, so whilst MK continues to lead the UK out of recession our network is coping better with the greater amount of traffic.”

London has the slowest roads according to the figures, with cars driving into the city being reduced to 8.8 miles per hour.

Dorset has the fastest roads, with cars going at 35.3 miles per hour between 7-10am on A roads.

Average speed on A roads in Milton Keynes (7-10am):


January 34.9mph

February 34.8mph

March 34.7mph

April 34.5mph

Mary 34.4mph

June 34.2mph

July 34.0mph

September 34.1mph

October 33.9mph

November 33.7mph

December 33.4mph


January 33.2mph

February 33.1mph

March 32.9mph

April 33.0mph

Mary 32.9mph

July 32.9mph

August 32.8mph

September 32.6mph

October 32.6mph

November 32.5mph

December 32.6mph


January 32.6mph

February 32.5mph

March 32.4mph

April 32.4mph

Mary 32.4mph

June 32.3mph

Note: Figures from September 2013 are provisional. School holiday periods in 2012 and 2013 are excluded.