Family killed in Canadian plane crash


A family-of-four from Milton Keynes has been killed in a plane crash in Canada.

Richard Hewitt, 50, Fiona Hewitt, 52, Felicity, 17, and Harry, 14, died instantly when the seaplane they were sight seeing from on the last day of their holiday crashed into a mountain side in the Les Bergeronnes area of Quebec province.

The pilot and another passenger were also killed.

The family lived in Shenley Church End.

Their councillor, Andy Dransfield, paid tribute to them as news of the catastrophe emerged.

He said: “It is very sad and shocking that what looks to be two students from Denbigh School have been killed in such unfortunate circumstances.”

Neighbour Sandhya Santsbachalli, 35, said she remembered Mrs Hewitt’s “smiling face.”

She said: “We’ve been here for two years and we met a few times.

“They came here to exchange Christmas cards and we went for Christmas drinks.

“I can just remember Fiona’s smiling face.

“They were a very close knit family, lovely children.

“It’s very shocking, very sad, may they rest in peace.”

Another neighbour said: “It’s tragic, they were such a nice family, they were so down to earth.

“They lived here before we moved in and we exchanged Christmas cards every year.”

Mrs Hewitt was a therapist and Dr Peter Berkin, who runs Alternatives with his wife, said: “She was just a lovely, lovely lady who was a natural healer.

“She had been treating people with us for 15 years. She was our longest serving therapist. She was with us right from the beginning.

“She was very popular with clients.

“They were a lovely family with young children. We have seen her children be born and grow up.”

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond offered his condolences to the family.

He said: “This terrible incident has taken the lives of all on board, including four British nationals.

“My thoughts and sympathy are with their family and friends at this difficult time.”

As the Citizen went to press the family’s bodies had been found, but bad weather conditions had hindered recovery efforts.

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