Further delays for Milton Keynes motorists with warnings of road closures to avoid

Drivers advised of four major roadworks causing hold-ups of up to half an hour

Thursday, 6th January 2022, 10:36 am
Updated Thursday, 6th January 2022, 10:39 am

Motorists can expect further delays as a result of road closures and continued roadworks in Milton Keynes this week.

Two road closures are expected to cause moderate delays – with drivers facing hold-ups of between 10 minutes and half an hour.

The latest expected works list, announced by the National Highways, shows that four road closures already in place are expected to continue this week:

Motorists are advised of four major roadworks across Milton Keynes causing delays of up to half an hour

> A5, from 8pm September 28 2021 to 6am January 29 2022, moderate delays (10-30 minutes): A5 northbound and southbound, Kellys Kitchen Roundabout to Sheep Lane Roundabout - carriageway closure for safety barrier repairs on behalf of Highways England.

> A5, from 8pm November 22 2021 to 6am February 28 2022, slight delays (under 10 minutes): A5 Kellys Kitchen Roundabout and approaches. Works under lane closure for Development works on behalf of Burrow Graham.

> A45, from 8pm April 12 2021 to 6am November 1 2022, slight delays (under 10 minutes): A45 northbound and southbound, M1, junction 15, Lane closures due to works on behalf of WInvic.

> M1, from 10pm January 3 2022 to 6am December 20 2023, moderate delays (10-30 minutes): M1 northbound and southbound, junction 14 to Hartwell Area 7/8 Border - Various Lane closures and carriageway closures for Smart Motorway works on behalf of CostainGT.

National Highways is responsible for maintaining motorways and major A-roads, so closures of smaller roads will not be included in the schedule.