Logistics trainers holding open day for employers

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EMPLOYERS in Milton Keynes have been invited to find out how training in logistics can help their businesses be more competitive.

Skills for Logistics (SfL), the Sector Skills Council (SSC) for the UK’s freight logistics industries, and the National Skills Academy for Logistics (NSAL) are holding a joint open day on Thursday, March 1.

Training courses are available in subjects including warehouse operations, transport management as well as driving. There are also apprenticeships.

Dr Mick Jackson, chief executive of SfL, said: “Some of the biggest and most successful companies operating in the logistics industry have realised that investing in skills training and staff development leads directly to increased business efficiency, while positioning them as employers of choice within their local community. A more highly skilled workforce also has a positive effect on reducing carbon emissions across a business.

“Like any other industry, in logistics there is a clear link between a thriving business and a skilled workforce. Training is not about altruism, it is about the essential policy of any organisation to invest in its leading asset – the skills of its workforce.”

Both SfL and NSAL have recently received significant public funding to revolutionise the way skills training and development is procured and supplied.

The combined SfL and NSAL open day takes place in two sessions at 12 Warren Yard, Warren Farm Office Village.

For details phone (01908) 313360 or email to: elaine.dimond@skillsforlogistics.org