Milton Keynes trains comes bottom of punctuality table

Photo courtesy of London Midland � 2008.
Photo courtesy of London Midland � 2008.
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Intercity trains to Milton Keynes are the least punctual in the country.

According to new public performance measure (PPM) figures released by Network Rail, Virgin Trains has the worst punctuality record in the UK, with only 84.3 per cent of services arriving on time.

Virgin also has the worst record for trains being cancelled or significantly late (30 minutes or longer). 5.9 per cent of trains - or one in every 17 trains - is the worst figure of any rail operator.

And London Midland Trains was only slightly more punctual, with 89.2 per cent of trains running on time, putting the firm 17th out of 22 rail companies.

Virgin runs intercity services from London to the north-west and Scotland, via Milton Keynes. Intercity services are considered late if they arrive at their final destination ten minutes late or longer.

A Virgin Trains spokesman said: “The latest figures reflect a very difficult period with numerous operational incidents that affected our performance.

“Needless to say we are working closely with Network Rail and other industry partners to ensure greater reliability moving forward. We can only apologise to those customers affected and thank them for their understanding.”

London Midland runs the commuter service from London to Milton Keynes and north to Birmingham. It also operates the Bedford-Bletchley line. Their services are considered late if they arrive at their final destination five minutes late or longer.

A spokesman said: “Network Rail’s figures show that just under nine out of 10 trains we run reached their final destination within five minutes of the advertised time.

“The key incidents which affected our performance during this period relate to overrunning engineering works on the West Coast Mainline. This subsequently prevented us from running our full timetabled service on September 14.”