Road death spate: Could there be an underlying cause?

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A sad toll of seven road deaths over the past seven months is set to a major review of the city grid system.

Milton Keynes councillors will vote week whether or not to carry out the scrutiny in a bid to identify any 
necessary highway safety 

If the review is given the green light every accident over the past ten years will be analysed and “rigorously” 
assessed, say officers.

Speed, driver behaviour, highway layout, lighting, visibility, junction arrangements and weather conditions at the time of each accident will all be taken into account

Milton Keynes, with its unique grid road system, has never displayed higher than average road accident 
statistics - until the recent spate of deaths.

A report to be considered by next week’s Cabinet 
meeting states: “Since the beginning of 2014 there have been six fatal road traffic 
collisions resulting in seven fatal casualties.

“Concerns have been raised that, given this relatively high number of incidents, there may be an underlying causation factor or factors that warrants a detailed 

The first fatal accident was on the H5 near Crownhill on January 3. A male driver was killed. In March a young female pedestrian was killed crossing the V11 at Broughton, while the following month a female passenger died after an accident on V6 near Oldbrook.

May saw three more fatal accidents with a total of four tragic deaths. Another female pedestrian died crossing a road, this time in Two Mile Ash. Days later a male driver and female passenger were both killed after their car was involved in a collision on the H2 junction with Hodge Lea Lane.

The final fatality was on May 14 when an elderly 
female passenger died after a two car collision in Brickhill Road, Bow Brickhill.

The review would be 
carried out by the council’s own road safety team with help from accident experts.

It would be completed by October and any improvement works deemed necessary would be funded from the council’s existing highways budget.