The great Twitter pothole debate – how social media turned into the council chamber

Potholes in Milton Keynes
Potholes in Milton Keynes
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Potholes are an emotive subject at the best of times – and particularly in Milton Keynes at the moment.

Next month sees the launch of Milton Keynes Council’s £50million road improvement programme, designed – among other things – to rid the city of potholes.

This week the Citizen revealed £60,000 has been spent by the council on repairing cars damaged by potholes in the last two years.

Previously the council has been criticised for only spending £1.3m of £5m allocated to repair potholes.

And the subject has certainly got city politicians going – as demonstrated by a Twitter debate last night and this morning that threatened to turn the social media site into the council’s debating chamber.

It involved politicians of all colours, but perhaps the most interesting comment came from city resident @TattyDon who tweeted: ‘I wonder when politicians will realise that we don’t want to hear a blame game’.

The full blow-by-blow account of the great Twitter pothole debate can be seen on Storify.