'We can never fill every pothole' warns councillor responsible for Milton Keynes roads

An extra £130,000  is to be spent on fixing more potholes that have developed after the recent wet winter weather.

Thursday, 30th January 2020, 10:52 am
Updated Thursday, 30th January 2020, 10:52 am

MK Council is making the extra cash available immediately - but admits it will still not solve the pothole problem completely.

The money is on top of the £1.5m it has spent over the past year in trying to get MK's roads in good shape.

Over the past year, council contractors have filled an extra 13,000 potholes across the city.

More potholes will be filled immediately

A council spokesman said: "An extra £30,000 will be made immediately available to keep on top of any increase in pothole repairs needed following the wet weather in December and January. An additional £100,000 is included in the Labour-run council’s 2020/21 budget proposal to keep Milton Keynes’ roads in good shape for road users."

Councillor Emily Darlington, who is the Cabinet member for highways said the council was committed ensuring "high standards" were maintained on roads.

She said: “By changing the criteria for fixing potholes and reducing the size they need to be before they’re fixed we’ve been successful in repairing more reported potholes.

"We can never fix every pothole, but we can fix more, we can fix them quicker and we can make sure the repair is good quality and this extra funding, on top of what we are already doing, will mean we continue to get the basics right.”