Woman breaks her ankles after concrete slab breaches bus

Arriva bus
Arriva bus

A woman in her 60s broke both her ankles and suffered lacerations to her legs when a concrete slab came up through the bottom of a bus she was travelling on.

The incident happened on Saturday, June 29, between Averbury Boulevard and Lower Ninth Street in Central Milton Keynes. The woman was rushed to Milton Keynes Hospital and treated for her injuries.

Milton Keynes Bus Users Group chairman, Peter Ballantyne, revealed the accident at a recent meeting of the group, but said he didn’t know the identity of the woman.

He said he had warned Milton Keynes Council on several occasions about the loose concrete slabs.

He said: “It’s a shame that something like this had to happen for them to sit up and take notice,The Bus Users Group and Arriva have been telling the council the road was dangerous for quite some time.

“But you never expect something like this to happen. It’s a real shock. The loose slabs really need to be dealt with before something like this happens again.

“The group works closely with the bus company, so I was called shortly after the accident to see the pictures of what happened.”

A council spokesman said: “We can confirm that a stone/kerb, pierced the bottom of the vehicle as it travelled on Lower Ninth Street.

“A female passenger was injured and the Police and Ambulance attended the scene and took her away for medical treatment.

“The incident was reported to MK Council immediately.

“We have now met with MK Council on site with our risk manager. The hospital would not give us the details of the injured lady, which is understandable and we have not heard from her since the incident.

“The Police confirmed that Arriva was not at fault, however we would like to pass on our sympathies to the passenger and offer her a speedy recovery. We have no plans to withdraw our services from the area, contrary to rumours.”