Trolls should be cast under bridges

WHAT is the first thought you have when you post something online? Do you wonder if your comments will offend or are you void of all sentiment?

Now I’m not talking about those who post a casual tweet about the sunshine or a blog about what clothes are ‘in’ this year, but web ‘trolls’.

These are people who post, quite frankly, disgusting comments about people or events for the purpose of shocking or upsetting their audience.

In the last few months we have seen sports stars including Jack Wilshere and Fabrice Muamba targeted with posts that are too disgusting for me to repeat in this column.

The problem is these people want the notoriety that comes with them abusing someone in the public eye.

They want the bile they are spewing to be regurgitated back to them and in a sick way they seem to feed off of it.

Comedian David Mitchell revealed that he received a torrent of abuse on Twitter on Valentine’s Day with some simply calling him smug and others rather cruelly telling him to die.

His opinion is that without knowing the reason behind the posts then we shouldn’t give the people sending it any reaction, paying them as much attention as graffiti in the street.

I’m sorry but graffiti, when not done tastefully, is disgusting. There is little doubt in my mind that we should be targeting these people back and making sure everyone knows how sick they are and where necessary throwing the book at them legally.

I saw some of the tweets about Fabrice Muamba first hand on the night he collapsed and trust me they were on the verge of ridiculous in the fact that I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

How someone could publicly wish death on another human being without knowing them is beyond me. Even if he did know him, it’s disgraceful.

Former footballer and racism victim Stan Collymore has taken to re-tweeting all of the racist posts he receives or sees in a day to try and out these people and hats off to him.

Everywhere you go in life people will either like you or they won’t and if you’re in the public eye people will form an opinion of you whether they know you or not.

I’ll admit that there are celebrities out there I ‘don’t like’ but maybe it’s their portrayed self I have the problem with.

However, that doesn’t give me, or anyone else, the right to send them vile messages wishing any ill feeling on them or their families.

You could argue that everyone is entitled to their opinion but surely when the opinion is as sick as wishing someone dead then that is a different issue.

These people need to be stopped and sooner rather than later. On Twitter people often write ‘all views are my own’.

Well if that is the case then my view is there’s something seriously wrong with you.....