Tsunami survivors enter university

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THE first three students who were saved from the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004 have entered university.

The orpahanage they were living in, sponsored by city based medical charity Hope Outreach, was destroyed but the boat that helped saved their lives was donated thanks to funds raised by people in Milton Keynes just three years before.

One of the students will now study to become a teacher, the second will study languages and the third management business studies.

Although university study is free in Sri Lanka the students still need to find £50 a month to cover accommodation, living expenses and essential textbooks, which is covered by sponsorship from Hope Outreach.

Dr Sam Muthuveloe, who headed up the Hope Outreach rescue mission, said: “Some of the older original tsunami orphans have left us to work in various parts of the country, but some remain at the orphanage and retell the story to our younger newcomers.

“They have never forgotten what the people of England who live in the new city of Milton Keynes – in their own language it is difficult for them to translate the name of our home — did for them or that they provided the cash for their new homes.”