Turf wars rumble as residents rebel

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The city’s grass cutting debate has sown the seeds for a major turf war from rebellious residents.

The council’s ‘thou shalt not mow’ order annoyed hundreds of householders who tend the grass verge outside their homes.

Most of them vowed to carry on mowing despite the health and safety warnings.

The threat of a £1,000 fine if they damaged a highly protected Great Crested Newt also cut no ice.

“This is surely far more likely to happen when the larger man-driven mowers are used... It’s just another case of ‘computer says no’ said one protester.

Meanwhile the ‘no mow’ ruling has sparked a political row, with opposition Labour councillors slamming ruling Tories.

Said Labour’s Nigel Long: “We would like to see all the grassed areas cut properly. We do not care who does it.

He would like to see the responsibilty transferred to parish councils .

“As is widely recognised, the parish councils do a better job that the remote city council. It’s time for change – time to transfer control to local people.

“Or, if that’s too difficult, please just cut the grass.”

This week Labour councillor Mick Legg lodged a complaint about the council’s grass cutting failures in West Bletchley, where some street signs are obliterated by long swathes.

Said Mr Legg: “It reflects the way Bletchley is treated with indifference by a remote council.”