Turning cartwheels over ‘Olympic bid’

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A YOUNG gymnast who has excelled at her sport despite suffering a physical disability, has been nominated as an Olympic Torch bearer for the 2012 games.

Ellie Hewitt, 14, of Bletchley, was born with congenital dislocation of the hip, which means her hip socket is too shallow for the joint to stay in place.

Ellie Hewitt , gymnast from Bletchley

Ellie Hewitt , gymnast from Bletchley

Despite set-backs, including having pins and a metal plate inserted in her pelvis, Ellie pursued her hobby and joined the Arabian School of Gymnastics in Bletchley.

Beverly Hewitt, Ellie’s mum, says her passion for the sport started at a young age despite her injuries.

She said: “She began taking part just before her seventh birthday, with the consent of her consultant in Oxford, who said it would be a really good idea to help build up muscle strength.”

Ellie’s most recent operation at 13 meant she was out of training for 18 months. Ellie’s aunt, Janet Lines, said: “It is because of her attitude of not giving up along with her now voluntarily helping smaller children at her gym club that I have nominated her to be a torch bearer for the Olympics next year.”

The torch is used as a symbol to unite the people who are elected as inspirational Torch bearers and their communities with the 2012 London Olympic games.

Ellie has also recently competed in a Bucks county tournament at level three alongside other girls of the same age.

She went on to win two gold and two bronze medals, as well as winning the county award.

“We’re obviously really proud of her, having been through some low times especially when she was younger,” said Beverly.

“But we’re really pleased for her and all the girls as they put a lot of effort into their training.”

Janet, who is waiting for a response from the Olympic committee, said: “We wish her all the luck in the world.”