TV company wants people from MK for technology documentary

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Are you a switched-on kind of person who thinks they have what it takes to go ‘offline’ for a week? If so a TV company wants to hear from you.

Hey Buddy TV have made documentaries for the likes of the BBC, Channel 4 and MTV, and have brought their search for volunteers for their latest show to Milton Keynes.

Hey Buddy TV recently made the ‘Don’t Blame Facebook’ documentary for Channel 4 and now want to investigate what happens when people are not able to get online all the time. They want to explore what the explosion of technology and connected devices is doing to the way our brains function.

In a bid to celebrate the opportunities that technology offers, but increase awareness of its addictive nature and potential harm, they plan to run a social and psychological experiment for Channel 4.

So they would like to hear from people who would be prepared to take part in the documentary and social experiment. Would you consider yourself addicted to your smart phone, iPad or games console?

What would it be like to be without it for a week? How would it impact on your life?

Hey Buddy TV are looking for people who keep offline as much as possible, as well as others who are constantly glued to their screens and are quite happy that way.

If you would like to know more about the project or put your name forward to take part, then contact

Two representatives from Hey Buddy TV will be coming to Milton Keynes on Wednesday, November 27 to meet people interested in taking part in the documentary.