Two per cent increase in drink-drive arrests in Thames Valley

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-140429-114711001

An anti drink drug drive campaign has seen 241 people arrested after 28 days - up two per cent since last year.

Thames Valley Police made the arrests on suspicion of drink-driving between December 1 and 28, 93 of whom were from Buckinghamshire.

The ‘Is it worth the risk?’ campaign is aimed at targeting drink and drug drivers over the festive period. It is estimated that over 8800 people have so far been breath tested.

In total, 130 of the 241 arrested have been charged, 71 have been released on bail pending further enquiries and 40 people have been released with no further action.

Of those arrested, 193 were men (percentage the same) and 48 were female, a 12-per-cent increase on last year’s figures for the same time period. The campaign, which runs until January 1, will see police targeting individuals they suspect of driving under the influence of drink or drugs, both on the way home from nights out and the morning after a heavy night.

Inspector for Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Roads Policing Unit, Colin Clark said: “As we approach the end of 2014 we reflect on those collisions that have been caused by drink and drug driving through the year causing injury and loss to life.

“We must ensure that we continue to target those drivers who continue to take the risk and drink, take drugs and drive; by doing this we are making our roads safer over the Christmas and New Year period and into 2015.

“There is no excuse for drink-driving and our message is simple; don’t do it. It’s not worth the risk.”