Two week wait for teen in syringe fall

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A TEENAGE girl faces a terrifying wait to discover whether she has HIV or hepatitis after falling onto a used syringe in a children’s play park.

Jennifer Kitchen’s ankle was pierced by the dirty needle after she tripped and tumbled to the ground in Greenleys Park on Monday.

She was taken to hospital where doctors carried out tests.

But it will take at least two weeks before signs of the potentially deadly viruses show in the 13-year-old’s blood.

Jennifer’s mum Terri said: “It will be the longest fortnight of our lives.”

Police have now contacted environmental health officers to inspect the park, which is opposite Greenleys Local Centre, and to remove any other syringes.

Terri said: “I thought it was a safe place for my children to play.

“I want to alert other parents about the dangers of what can happen – and what the consequences can be.

“My fear is that the syringe was used by a drug user who was carrying some horrible disease that will now be passed to my daughter.”

Jennifer was wearing ankle socks and the needle pierced the fabric and punctured her flesh enough to draw blood.

The syringe was on the grass, close to some bushes.

Already, as a precaution, doctors have given Jennifer a jab against Hepatitis B.

She must have two more injections over the next three months.

“It won’t prevent her getting it if she’s already caught it. But it will make the effects of it less serious,” said Terri, who lives on Greenleys.