Tyre dumper pays the price

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First for News

A MAN has been fined thousands of pounds after he dumped his old car tyres outside Kwik Fit in Bletchley last year.

Jonathan Luck, 41, was found guilty in his absence of two counts of illegally depositing waste on land where no waste management licence was in place.

He was fined £1,140 and ordered to pay Milton Keynes Council’s legal costs of £1,761.88.

Luck failed to turn up for the trial, despite pleading not guilty at an earlier hearing.

Magistrates heard that Milton Keynes Council had installed a CCTV camera at the Kwik Fit premises following repeated instances of piles of tyres being dumped on its land.

On the evening of April 30 2010, Luck was caught on CCTV pulling into the car park and throwing tyres out of the rear of his van before driving off.

On May 9, 2010, Luck, of Weston-Super-Mare, was again caught on CCTV doing exactly the same thing.

Enforcement officers from Milton Keynes Council carried out enquiries and in June 2010, found him at another tyre business in Bletchley.

Neighbourhood partnerships manager for Milton Keynes Council, Pete Roberts, said: “This man was running a commercial venture and adding to his top-end profit by unlawfully dumping waste on somebody else’s land.

“This penalty of nearly £3,000 will hit him hard and we hope that this sends a strong message to those who try to gain a competitive advantage through illegal means.”