U-Boat capture is remembered

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CLASSIC car buffs had a Healey good time at Bletchley Park last month.

As part of the fundraising campaign for the Mayor of Milton Keynes’ charities, the Milton Keynes Austin Healey Club held a rally at Bletchley Park.

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They were joined by Debbie Brock, the Mayor of Milton Keynes, who is herself a huge motoring fan and owner of an Austin Healey.

To mark a busy month for Bletchley Park, they celebrated the 70th anniversary of the capture of the German U-boat 110 on Monday with a new exhibition.

At the beginning of 1941, authorities were crying out for the codebooks to be captured. They knew that once they had them in their hands the code could be broken.

The capture on May 9, 1941 was hugely significant for Bletchley Park, as several codebooks were recovered from the vessel which helped the codebreakers unravel the infamous Enigma machine.

King George VI famously said it was the most important event in the war at sea.

The exhibition contains photographs of the capture – it is the first time all known photos have been exhibited together at the same time – and also the full story including many of the details which appeared in the best selling book on the capture of the Enigma code by historian Hugh Sebag-Montefiore.

The exhibition contains the first hand account of the 20-year-old 2nd Lieutenant who climbed into the U-boat to seize the documents.

It also covers the story from the German side. Some of the U-boat survivors have told their story.

A special 70th anniversary edition of Hugh’s book, which has been specially updated to coincide with the exhibition, will be available at Bletchley Park.