UKIP candidate calls for council leader’s resignation: ‘It’s time for him to pack his bags’

Council leader Pete Marland PNL-140412-165545001
Council leader Pete Marland PNL-140412-165545001

Spending £26,000 to hire “inspirational speakers” for senior staff has led to calls for council leader Pete Marland to step down.

Stuart Moore, UKIP’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Milton Keynes North, says it’s time for Mr Marland to “pack his bags and leave” over next year’s budget proposals and his handling of the taxi licensing scandal.

Writing for Citiblog, Mr Moore said: “If this is the best he can do, what on earth is going on?

“First the taxi scandal not being managed properly and now £20,000 of our money being spent on speakers for senior council staff while we, the tax payer, are having our black rubbish bags cancelled.

“How on earth can the people of Milton Keynes have any faith or confidence let alone trust in his leadership if decisions like this are being made.

“He needs to be replaced by someone who has a bit of control, common sense and some leadership skills.”

His rant follows last week’s Citizen report which revealed council bosses were splashing thousands of pounds on hiring inspirational speakers for senior staff.

It came after the announcement the council must save £22million for next year’s budget and a total of £70million by 2020.

In response to Mr Moore’s calls to resign, Mr Marland said: “When UKIP have any serious comments to make I will respond.

“The vast majority of people understand decisive action was taken with our taxis and all budget issues will be discussed by cabinet.”