UKIP rocked as candidate stands down at last moment

UKIP left stunned over Stuart Moore's shock departure
UKIP left stunned over Stuart Moore's shock departure

A UKIP parliamentary candidate has stood down from the general election with just five weeks to go.

Stuart Moore, who was running for MK North, has given up his chances of becoming an MP after being offered an offseas contract he “couldn’t refuse”.

His counterpart in the south, Vince Peddle, says UKIP has been left “shocked” over his sudden departure - leaving the party just 24 hours to find his replacement.

Stepping up to the parliamentary plate will be 20-year-old David Reilly - UKIP’s youngest prospective MP for the election on May 7.

A spokesman for UKIP Milton Keynes said Mr Reilly passed his assessment from headquarters with “flying colours”. He said: Although only 20, David is a long standing party activist and speaker.

“His enthusiasm and enterprise will stand him, and us, in good stead for the election on May 7.

“We hope the electorate will get behind David and give him all of the support he needs in the coming weeks.

“We would also like to say we wish Stuart Moore all the best in his new venture working abroad, which he means he won’t have time for politics.”