UKIP urges MK to ban Barack Obama intervening in European Union debate

A campaign banning US President Barack Obama from getting involved in the EU referendum is being backed by MK's UKIP party.

Monday, 14th March 2016, 2:55 pm
Updated Monday, 14th March 2016, 3:04 pm
US President Barack Obama

With 101 days to go until the referendum, city campaigners have urged voters to sign a petition against Mr Obama using Parliament as platform to wade in on the debate.

He is due to fly to Britain next month in a desperate bid to convince Brits to stay.

But his impending arrival has prompted fury from Brexit campaigners who argue he should keep his views to himself.

Today, Boris Johnson, the unofficial leader of the Leave campaign, slammed Mr Obama over the intervention calling it “outrageous and exorbitant hypocrisy”.

Instead the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said world leaders are “worth listening to”.