UKIP: ‘We’re bigger than the Lib Dems’

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UKIP has overtaken the Liberal Democrats as Britain’s third party.

That is the view of the party’s representative in Milton Keynes, Ben Saunders.

Ben Saunders

Ben Saunders

Mr Saunders admitted the United Kingdom Independence Party is still some way behind the Conservatives and Labour.

But he said that recent by-elections which have seen UKIP getting second place in Corby and Rotherham, as well as third in West Croydon, show they have made some progress this year.

Speaking on Friday, Mr Saunders insisted that UKIP can even challenge Labour by the 2015 general election.

He said: “We are the third party – by a long shot.

“After all of the local and PCC elections we are clearly a long way ahead of the Lib Dems.

“So we have definitely cemented that third spot and I do think that by 2014 we will be a lot closer to Labour and maybe even overtake them.”

He added that by the time the local elections of 2014 come around UKIP will have introduced their own local policies for Milton Keynes so that the public know how they plan to change the city for the better.

And in 2015, UKIP are hoping that current Walton Park Ward councillor Lee Barney will become the party’s first MP in the Milton Keynes South constituency.

Mr Saunders said: “Next year we will have our own policies just for MK because we are getting so big that by 2014 we want people to know what we are planning on changing here in MK and how we are going to improve everybody’s life here.

“Lee Barney is our councillor for the Walton Park Ward and he will be the first time we actually put somebody up for MP and we really want him to take over MK South.

“He’s got a lot of support and he is very switched on.

“He is a career politician, but he owns his own company that he works in every day so he is very down-to-earth and is very big on change.”

Mr Saunders added that he was confident UKIP has shaken of its ‘one policy party’ tag.

“People now know that there is another choice out there and a better choice out there – and that is UKIP,” he added.

“They need to know that there can be a brighter future and we can make it an awful lot better.

“What is important now is that people go out and vote.”