Uncertainty over reasons for Rebekah Brooks’ appearance at Milton Keynes Police Station

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REBEKAH Brooks was driven to Milton Keynes police station earlier today where it is believed she underwent further questioning.

The former News of the World and Sun editor arrived suddenly in a black BMW, chauffeured by an unknown male driver, at 10am.

It is not known whether she had been re-arrested or was appearing voluntarily.

But it is understood she met officers from the Metropolitan Police, who first arrested her on March 13 as part of the national phone hacking investigation.

The 43-year-old was then detained and questioned on suspicion of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

Also arrested at the time were Mrs Brooks’ husband Charlie and four other men. All were freed on police bail until April.

Mrs Brooks has not yet been seen leaving the police station.

One police source said: “There are only two reasons for a person to revisit a police station once they have been arrested. The first would be if police had enough evidence to charge them and the second would be if fresh evidence came to light and the investigating officers needed to question them about it.

“If it was the latter case, then police would have to re-arrest the suspect, as they have the power to do at any time after granting bail.

“It need not involve another raid or anything dramatic. Often re-arrests are carried out by appointment and the person simply turns up at the requested time.”