Unknown body find an enigma

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The unidentified body of a man found in trees close to Toys ‘R’ Us has been dubbed an ‘enigma’ by coroner’s officers dealing with the case.

The man’s fingerprints have been taken and run through the national database twice. Now his DNA samples are undergoing the same stringent process.

The body of the man was found three weeks ago and an inquest was due to open on Monday.

However, nobody has come forward to report a missing person so the man’s identity remains a mystery.

The inquest opening has been postponed and a police artist has been called in to produce an imageof how he looks.

A spokesman for Milton Keynes Coroner’s Office, said: “He is a complete enigma at the moment as he was found with no mobile phone, no wallet or keys and no ID.

“Usually someone will come forward saying they are missing someone and they can at least try and identify them. I’ve never known anything like this.”

When the man was found his hands and fingernails were clean which suggests he was not sleeping rough and there were no obvious marks on his body, but grass was found in his shoes.

A police cordon was in place for five hours after they received a call at 11.57am.

A number of roads close to the scene, including Grafton Gate, between Avebury Boulevard and Childs Way, and Childs Way between Grafton Gate and the A5 South, were closed so police could carry out a full investigation.

The man is white, aged between 40 and 60-years-old , of average build, with short, greying, ginger hair .

Despite ruling themselves out of the case in the early stages, stating the death was not being treated as suspicious, police are now helping with the investigation by utilising the force artist.

An e-fit will be produced in the next few days in the hope that the man can be identified, at which point an inquest into his death can formally be opened.

If no relatives or next of kin come forward to ‘claim’ the body, Milton Keynes Council has a duty to provide a public health burial.

Once known as a Pauper’s funeral, the ceremony will be simple but dignified and paid for out of public money.