Up to 11,000 children starved of free school meals if scheme gets the chop


Concerned councillors plan to fight against rumoured plans to starve children of their free school meals.

Local Lib Dems pledge to file a motion against scrapping the scheme - despite its withdrawal being denied by the Prime Minister this week.

Councillor Sam Crooks, education spokesman for the Lib Dem group, claims that up to 11,000 children in Milton Keynes face losing their right to a free lunch.

Mr Crooks said: “We want every child to have the best possible start in life and be able to concentrate in class, and all the evidence shows that a healthy meal helps with that.

“If this cut goes ahead, the Tories will show they are willing to take an axe to the education budget at the expense of children’s learning.

“Instead of further investing in our children, they are turning up at the school gate and stealing their lunch money.”

Rumours that free school meals face the chop have been circulating since Chancellor George Osborne announced upcoming cuts to unprotected budgets.

But Prime Minister David Cameron said he is “committed” to the initiative and denied any plans for it to be pulled.

Every year the government saves families more than £400 per child by paying for infants’ lunches.

Evidence suggests that children who have been given a free school dinner, have improved results compared to youngsters who went without.