Up, up and away for youngsters’ balloons

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ONE excited pupil was shocked when a balloon he had released as part of a school project turned up in South Africa.

Cameron Williams, who turned seven on the day he and his Swallowfield Lower School classmates took part in the Journeys Through The Air topic, was amazed when he received a postcard from South Africa saying they his balloon had been found there.

The ballons had been released from the Woburn Sands based school on October 14, accompanied by a letter which included some details about each pupil and the return address of the school.

More than a month after the release a postcard arrived from South Africa.

Year 2 teacherLauren Goodricke said: “The postcard arrived on Monday, November 22 from Cape Town.

“I contacted the Met Office and they said that a rare combination of winds in the right place at the right time made it perfectly possible for the balloon to travel there.”

The rest of the pupils received letters back from the Tring area.