Upset over felling of tree in Olney graveyard

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THE felling of a hornbeam tree to allow a burial to take place has caused disquiet in a peaceful Remembrance Garden.

Nearby residents were appalled when they saw the healthy tree being chopped down from its position next to a pathway in the Olney graveyard.

One woman wrote to the town council to complain – and was far from happy with the explanation from town clerk Liam Costello.

Mr Costello said: “The removal of the tree along the path has been necessary to facilitate a burial.

“The exclusive right to a burial in plot where the hornbeam stands was purchased 18 years ago in 1994, probably before the tree existed.

“We have sought to obtain agreement of the family to use a different plot, but the family have insisted they use the plot they originally purchased,”

He said the decision to fell the tree was “not taken lightly” by the council.

The resident added: “I am distressed and appalled. There is nothing wrong with this tree, It shelters people sitting and meditating, often grieving, in the Remembrance Garden and makes a beautiful backdrop to our homes.

“This is simply not necessary or acceptable.”