URINE TROUBLE: Flushed with embarrassment over Milton Keynes’ waterworks-gate

MK Labour volunteers
MK Labour volunteers

A political canvasser caught urinating in a voter’s bush while delivering campaign leaflets has been relieved of his duties.

The unidentified campaigner was confronted by enraged Bletchley resident Nathan Crossman who witnessed the waterworks incident on Saturday.

Labour’s parliamentary candidate Andrew Pakes has been forced to “wholeheartedly” apologise on behalf of the perpetrator, but claimed it was down to his team member’s illness.

Since the event was leaked on Twitter, hundreds of people from across the country have been posting their puns to publicise the story - see here.

Mr Crossman’s initial Tweet to voice his disgust - using the hastag #lostvotes - was retweeted 80 times.

He said: “All he had to do is knock at my door and ask to use my toilet.”

“All he had to do is knock at my door and ask to use my toilet.”

Mr Pakes, who is running for MK South, said: “Having spoken with the gentleman in question, it has since become apparent that he is currently undergoing medical treatment for a related condition, and that he should not really have been out campaigning in the first place.

“This incident is extremely regrettable, and has clearly caused upset and deep embarrassment.”

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