Used cooking oil = one and half million cups of tea in Milton Keynes

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News Focus

Recycled cooking oil in Milton Keynes created enough energy last year to brew over one and half million cups of tea.

The recycling scheme, which sees used cooking oil recovered into environmentally-friendly electricity for the National Grid, was implemented in November 2009 by Milton Keynes Council and recycling partner HW Martin Waste Limited. The energy created was also sufficient to use a laptop for over one million hours.

Used cooking oil recycling tanks can be found at three of the council’s community recycling centres, in Bleak Hall, Newport Pagnell, and New Bradwell.

Once the tanks are full, the used cooking oil is taken to eco-firm Living Fuels’ recovery facility, where it is settled and filtered through a completely natural process into a bioliquid named LF100.

This is then fed through the company’s renewable energy facilities, helping to power the National Grid at times of unexpected power demand.

Ian Collins, Living Fuels’ managing director, said: “We have been working with HW Martin Waste Limited and Milton Keynes Council since 2009 and are pleased with the amount of effort Milton Keynes residents have made, they have set a good example of the capacity that can be reached with responsibly recycling waste.

“Milton Keynes Council has received a certificate as a way of saying ‘thanks for a job well done’ to everyone in the area that has taken part in the scheme.”

Milton Keynes Council’s Andy Hudson, Head of Environment and Waste, said: “Recycling is a top priority and Milton Keynes residents have really done an excellent job with recycling waste oil. We are pleased to see residents taking part in the recycling challenge.”