Vandalism could close Broughton Gate Skate Park

Skate Park off Countess Way Broughton Gate  may be closed due to noise complaint
Skate Park off Countess Way Broughton Gate may be closed due to noise complaint

THE fate of Broughton Gate Skate Park is in the hands of the users, according to The Parks Trust after a fence closing the facility off at night was tampered with.

The controversial park, which has prompted several complaints from the neighbours due to noise , often in the early hours of the morning, has been fenced off to prevent people using it during anti-social hours.

However, the Trust, which is working alongside skate park users and residents to come to an amicable solution, confirmed the fence had been tampered with.

These actions could result in the closure of the popular park.

A spokesman from the Parks Trust said: “The Parks Trust is appealing to users of the Broughton Gate skate park to respect the terms of the Noise Abatement Notice which requires the park to be fenced and locked overnight.

“While the early days of fencing and closing the park thankfully went smoothly, unfortunately we have more recently been experiencing a few problems.

“There has been some tampering with the fence, delays in vacating the park in the evening and some verbal abuse to the persons attempting to close the site.

“We appeal to skate park users for this behaviour to stop and ask them to please respect the reasons we have to close the skate park overnight.

“If these problems persist the only practical option available to us will be to close the site either for a temporary period or if we cannot maintain the restricted hours as we are required to do, we may face a legal notice to permanently close the site and remove it.

“We’re all working to avoid that scenario but if it comes to it we may have no choice.

“Please continue to work with us to help keep the skate park open.”