Vandalism could mean Newport Pagnell Christmas decorations are cancelled in 2013

Newport Pagnell Christmas Lights
Newport Pagnell Christmas Lights

VOLUNTEERS who help to put up Christmas decorations in Newport Pagnell are considering scrapping plans for next year after vandals ruined their hard work.

The group has become increasingly frustrated after the large tree in the High Street, making its return this year, was vandalised, and a baby Jesus doll was stolen three times from the Nativity scene.

The most recent incident happened on Boxing Day as the doll was stolen and seen to be kicked around the High Street at 11.30pm.

In a letter, posted online yesterday, one volunteer states that the group helps with the ‘time-consuming and expensive’ decorations because they are ‘proud Newportonians.’

It also states: “Sadly, the volunteers cannot afford to keep repairing and replacing the damage and, at this time, are loathe to install either the nativity or tree next year.

“We want to improve the overhead lights displays but can’t while we are having to repair mindless damage to other things. This is not a decision we take lightly as it means, yet again, the minority spoil things for the majority but can think of no other options.”

The Christmas Lights volunteers work solely on donations from residents and not from council funding.

However, Milton Keynes Councillor for Newport Pagnell South, Douglas McCall, has urged the group not to give up.

He said: “It is very sad that someone could stoop so low to ruin the good work that this group puts in. Volunteers put in an awful lot of effort, and money, to make the town look Christmassy.

“I would say to them that the vast majority of people appreciate what they do and don’t want it ruined by mindless morons. I would urge anyone who knows anything about this to please let the police know.

“The majority could lose out because of mindless people.”