Vandals attack parked cars

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A SPATE of tyre slashings have been reported to police in Stony Stratford after more than 20 cars were vandalised in three nights.

Overnight between November 11 and 13, 14 cars and more than 20 tyres were damaged in streets near the redway that runs between Stony Stratford and Fullers Slade. Vehicles were targeted in Moorfoot, Clailey Court, Creslow Court, Hale Avenue and Malletts Close.

Sgt Lee Brace from the Stony Stratford neighbourhood team said: “I believe someone did this as they walked between Stony Stratford and Fullers Slade in the early hours of 12 November and 13 November.

“It appears that the person who did this used a screwdriver and just picked out vehicles at random, causing more than a thousand pounds worth of damage in just a few hours.”

This is the second time a significant number of vehicles in the area have been hit after 9 vehicles suffered damage overnight between on the August bank holiday (28 and 29 August).

Sgt Brace added: “As this is the second time the same area has been hit in a similar way I would ask people living in the area if they know of anyone living in this area who has been out on these dates and who they suspect of carrying a screwdriver to call me.

“This has caused a lot of people a lot of distress, inconvenience and expense in the run up to Christmas and we need to bring the person who did this to justice.”