Vandals destroy signs at dangerous lakeside in Bletchley

Blue Lagoon, Bletchley
Blue Lagoon, Bletchley

Mindless vandals have torn down safety signs at Bletchley’s Blue Lagoon – just days after two people were killed in separate incidents at the popular waterhole.

A 61-year-old man died after retrieving a ball from the lake two weeks ago, while a 20-year-old woman died on Friday after getting into difficulties in the water.

Milton Keynes Council erected temporary warning signs at the site alerting people to the dangers of swimming in the lagoon. But vandals have already torn down and removed some of the signage.

Council leader Peter Marland said: “I’m appalled that a thoughtless minority of people are undermining the safety of everyone else.

“Two very serious incidents have happened at the Blue Lagoon, and one man has died, so it’s vital that everyone understands the dangers.

“No-one would want it to be their friend or relative who was the next victim.”

The Bucks Fire and Rescue Service have been visiting the park twice a day to remind users of the park about the dangers of open waters.

It has been revealed the service visited the site a few hours before the second tragedy, but the council said “regrettably their warnings were largely unheeded”.

The council has now begun erecting new permanent safety signs at the Blue Lagoon and bosses say the area is checked on “at least” a weekly basis throughout the summer period and fortnightly during the winter.

A police community support officer also cycles round the Blue Lagoon area twice a day, five days a week.

A spokesman for the council said: “Despite the media coverage of the two accidents, increased patrols and additional signing, swimming has still been observed.

“This would suggest that the clear risks associated with deep water are well known and that signage, whilst important, has limited impact.

“The council, together with its partners, still continues to advise park users of the dangers of open water and not to enter the open water.”