Verandah Talk chocolate curry provides unusual Easter feast

An Indian restaurant owner has combined his two favourite things about Easter to come up with a unique new dish – chocolate curry.

Taj Raja, the owner of Wolverton based Verandah Talk, tasked his chefs to come up with a main meal to help people celebrate next week’s holiday.

Verandah Talk's new chocolate curry is on offer throughout Easter

Verandah Talk's new chocolate curry is on offer throughout Easter

And from Good Friday until Easter Monday, the restaurant – which can be found in Stratford Road – will serve the chocolate curry to guests as part of its menu.

Each diner at the Indian eatery will also be given a free starter sample of the seasonal dish.

It will consist of a chocolate version of the traditional Chicken Korma, along with a choccy style peshwari naan.

The restaurant is currently experimenting with different types of chocolate, including dark, white and milk varieties, to find the perfect combination.

Mr Raja said: “You can’t have Easter without chocolate.

“Chocolate curry might sound like it isn’t going to work, but we’ve worked hard to create something a little bit different here.

“It’s a one off special for the Easter period and we think everyone is going to want to try it.

“It’s great for kids who love chocolate and might not be so sure about curry. It is like when children go into a sweet shop, and go ‘wow’.”

Citizen reporter Craig Lewis tried the chocolate curry ahead of the Easter celebrations.

He said: “Chocolate and curry isn’t something you would normally put together, but it was actually rather good.

“I would certainly consider having it as a stand alone dish.”