Victim speaks out after evil sex attacker was snared using home CCTV

Kayleigh Emery
Kayleigh Emery

A 21-year-old woman who was almost raped when she was unconscious relied on her home CCTV camera to bring the offender to justice.

Brave Kayleigh Emery was worried she had no proof that evil Raj Jesuthasan had carried out the sex attack in her own living room, metres away from where her boyfriend was sleeping.

She believes the married man she knew as a casual friend had spiked her drink to render her helpless.

“I remember waking up to find I was on the floor and he was having sex with me. He told me ‘go back to sleep, it’s all a bad dream’. It was terrifying.”

Businessman Raj, whose full name is Jesurajan, insisted he had done nothing wrong when Kayleigh’s boyfriend Daniel walked in to find her distressed and sobbing.

“Then we remembered the hidden CCTV camera. We’d installed it in the living room because Daniel was burgled in his previous place and we were worried about security,” said Kayleigh.

The camera showed hefty Raj lift unconscious Kayleigh from a sleeping position on the sofa, throw her violently on the floor and carry out a serious sexual assault.

Said Kayleigh: “It was horrible have to watch it. It made me feel sick. But it was the evidence we needed to call the police.”

This week her attacker, who lives in Bradwell Road, Bradville, who was jailed for six years and put on the sex offenders’ register for life.

He had pleaded not guilty to sexual assault by penetration but the evidence captured on CCTV convinced the jury.

Kayleigh, who gave evidence in court, still has nightmares and flashbacks of the attack. But she has waived her right to anonimity in the hope that it will encourage other sexual assault victims to come forward.