Victims’ family calls for top security probe

SECURE unit officials in charge of Greg Davis are being asked for an explanation after the killer was smuggled out for home visits.

Family members of victims Dorothy and Michael Rogers were horrified to learn he has been ferried home at weekends by his father, hidden under a blanket in the back of a car.

Davis’ parents live in an affluent area of Great Linford, in the middle of an exclusion zone drawn up by police and experts for the safety of other residents.

“To allow him to go to Great Linford is a total flouting of authority and the rules drawn up for public protection,” said Dorothy’s twin sister Brenda Schmidt.

She and other relatives are campaigning for the Medical Tribunal to turn down Davis’ application for release next week.

“He should be locked up for life, either in a secure mental health unit or in a prison,” she said.

The judge, after convicting Davis for two counts of manslaughter in 2003, ruled he be detained ‘indefinitely.’

Said Brenda: “It is ludicrous that the authorities are considering releasing him after just seven years.”

Davis, with the help of his parents, hired a specialist human rights lawyer to begin campaigning for release several years ago.

The legal bills have allegedly cost more than £10,0000