VIDEO: Babies share birthday with Prince George

New parents welcomed their own bundles of joy into the world on the same day as the Royal baby – with one mum even sharing a birthday with the Duchess of Cambridge.

While the world waited on tenterhooks for the arrival of Prince George Alexander Louis , city mums were also awaiting their own nappy news.

Ria Gumus, 26, shares the same Janaury 9 birthday as the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

By amazing coincidence Ria gave birth on the same day that the new prince entered the world.

Her son Theo was born at 11.37am beating the Prince of Cambridge by five hours.

It was as though he was determined to share the Royal birthday as Ria had been in labour for three days.

She said: “I am delighted. We heard all new babies will be getting a special, silver coin to commemorate the fact they were born on the same day.

“I had no idea Kate was in labour, I was just focused on giving birth to Theo.

“I’ll tell him the significance of his birthday when he’s older.”

Another new mum, Emma Hawkins, was also unaware of the arrival of the new royal as she gave birth to her daughter, Amie Violet Bewley, less than an hour before the royal prince put in an appearance .

She and her partner Glenn Bewley were over the moon with the arrival of their first child but also didn’t know about the Duchess of Cambridge being in labour.

Glenn said: “We are absolutely made up.

We knew Kate was in labour but you forget about it when you focus on this little princess.

It was 6pm when we heard and I’m sure when Amie’s older we will be telling her about her birthday.”