VIDEO: Branching out into something new in Milton Keynes art

Ever wanted to combine art and nature? Then why not immerse yourself in the giant woodland landscape created by Gallery 200’s latest exhibition from collaborative artists Boyd and Evans.

The Big Tree is as it sounds - a gigantic tree instillation, composed of over 50 photographs that stretches two floors and measures 8.5 metres high by 2.6 metres wide.

The Big Tree

The Big Tree

With artwork in galleries across the world including New York and London, Milton Keynes art duo Fionnuala Boyd and Les Evans are hot property, and this was reflected in the packed two-floor space on Thursday’s opening night.

The MK Citizen went along to meet the artists and get a glimpse of the instillation before it was open to the public.

Fionnuala said: “What we want you to do is walk through it and see what’s there. See all the little details.”

For example, she found her initials carved in the trunk. She promised she wasn’t the culprit.

With two creatives working on the same project it can be a quite a fiery process. Les said: “We have been working together since 1968 and it started initially as an experiment but it stuck and actually works well for us.”

The free exhibition will be at MK College Silbury Campus until December 19.