VIDEO: Britain’s Got Talent’s Bailey McConnell from Milton Keynes performs for fans at MK College

A former Milton Keynes Citizen paper-boy who gave up his round to take part in ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent returned to his college today to perform to peers.

On Saturday, 15-year-old Bailey McConnell of Crownhill, made the British public fall in love with him as he sang a song he’d written by himself while playing acoustic guitar.

Milton Keynes' Bailey McConnell from Britain's Got Talent.

Milton Keynes' Bailey McConnell from Britain's Got Talent.

Since then Bailey has seen his Twitter followers rocket from 900 to almost 25,000 as his fans use the hashtag #TeamBailey to show their support.

Speaking to the Citizen at MK College this morning, where he performed Now or Never, a song he penned about his experience on BGT, to hundreds of screaming fans, Bailey said: “It’s been crazy to see how many people have come to the college - I didn’t expect so many to be here.

“The support from everyone has been incredible and the attention from the ladies is amazing!

“My goal is to stay grounded because I don’t want it all to go to my head, which is why I’ve always got my mum around.”

Milton Keynes' Bailey McConnell from Britain's Got Talent.

Milton Keynes' Bailey McConnell from Britain's Got Talent.

Speaking about his time at the Citizen, which he was forced to give up just last week due to promotion work he’s doing for the show, Bailey said: “I used to do the paper round for the Citizen, but because of how much is going on at the moment I have had to leave.

“I loved doing it because I delivered the papers with my dad - but I don’t miss a the houses where there were dogs trying to bite my hand off!”

Principal of MK College, Doctor Julie Mills, said: “It has been absolutely fantastic; we are all so proud of Bailey and of course all his performing arts and other music students have been supporting him all the way through.

“Everyone was looking forward to the show being broadcast to find out if he’d made it through to the next round and we’re all absolutely delighted.

“He is the Bailey you’ve seen today, he’s really delightful happy student, works really hard and participates in everything.

“I was able to be a bit of Simon Cowell lately because he auditioned to be one of the performers in our Student of the Year shows and it’s fair to say he was amazing in that, which is before we knew he would be on the show.

“As soon as you hear him sing you can feel his potential.

“He’s got a lovely personality, really supportive of his other students so we’re definitely backing Team Bailey!

“We were always optimistic he would achieve great things because when he decided to come to college rather than stay on at school and to study music.

“Our music teachers were thrilled because they could see the potential in him and knew if he concentrated on that and made it his full-time thing, then he could he do very well.

“It’s brilliant so many students turned out today, we had pull it all together very last minute.

“He’s in his first-year of the course and next year - well he might be touring the world selling millions of albums - but hopefully he’ll find time to complete the two-year course that follows that.”