VIDEO: Children take the lead at Newton Longville crime scenes

Pupils at Newton Longville School stepped into the shoes of police officers this week at a number of crime scenes.

However, rather than taking the lead on real investigations the children had the chance to take part in mock investigations, arranged and aided by real officers and actors.

The children had to solve crimes, during activities held on Thursday and Friday including a robbery at the airport – where the criminal had a shotgun, a woman who had gone missing from an old people’s home and a ‘drunk’ driver who had crashed into the front of their school.

They learned how to search for evidence, manage a crime scene, deal with criminals and help those in need with the help of real Thames Valley Police Officers.

PCSO Wendy Taylor, said: “They’ve been wide-eyed for the two days, it’s been such a good thing for them as you can see we’ve got a talk going on from Roads Policing to explain what their role is in an accident.

“It’s brought out some skills in the children that they didn’t expect. They’ve been taking the lead and the teachers have been absolutely amazed with the response this has had for the children.

“We have also thoroughly enjoyed it for two reasons a, it’s something different to do, it’s taken a lot of planning and the good feeling that it’s produced and the impact we’ve had on people it’s very rewarding, and I don’t mind doing anything that’s rewarding because it makes you want to go and do more.”